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Who Can Qualify?

To qualify for AIM, you must be:

  1. Pregnant: You must be pregnant. The application date is the date the complete and eligible application is sent to the MCAP as shown by the U.S. Postal postmark date on the application envelope, or documentation from other delivery services.
  2. A California resident: A person living in California who plans to stay; and
  3. Not enrolled in other programs: You cannot be receiving no-cost Medi-Cal or Medicare Part A and Part B benefits as of the application date; and
  4. Not covered by a private health insurance plan: You cannot have private health insurance, unless your private health insurance plan has a maternity-only deductible or copayment greater than $500 as of your date of application; and
  5. Within the AIM income guidelines: You must have a monthly household income (after income deductions) within AIM income guidelines. Read about income guidelines at AIM income guidelines.

The number of women enrolling in AIM is limited by state funding. While adequate funding is generally available, once the program is full, you will not be enrolled even if you qualify and your application is complete. If this happens, you will be notified by mail, and your initial payment will be refunded.

Determine your Eligibility

To see if you qualify for AIM:

  1. Determine your family size.
  2. Determine your family income.
  3. Subtract your deductions from your family income.
  4. Figure your income and deductions based on your documentation.
  5. Find out how to compute what AIM will cost.
  6. Apply for AIM.