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Determining Your Family Size

To see if you qualify for AIM, you must first determine your family size. List the family members living in your home on the chart below. Then, use the Income Guidelines chart to see if your family size and income qualify you for AIM.

Who Lives in Your Household?
Persons How Many?
Pregnant woman, count as 1 1
Number of unborn babies, count each unborn as 1 (If you are pregnant with one or more babies, you must provide proof.) 1
Husband, count as 1 +
If you are not married, the father of the baby can be counted only if you have had another child together, and he and the child are living in the home with you (count as 1) +
Number of children under age 21, of married or unmarried parents (who have a child in common) living in the home, or away at school who are claimed as tax dependents. +
Total Family Size =

What if I’m having more than one baby?

If you are having more than one baby, please submit a pregnancy certification that identifies the number of babies you are carrying. It must also be signed, signature stamped or initialed by a physician, (MD or OD), physician’s assistant, certified nurse midwife, licensed midwife, certified nurse practitioner, or designated medical or clinic personnel with access to the pregnant woman’s medical records (i.e. licensed vocational nurse, registered nurse, medical assistant or staff person authorized by the Planned Parenthood Organization). You can find a pregnancy certification on page A5 of the AIM handbook.

To see if you qualify for AIM, your next step is to determine your family income.