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Plans and Providers

Who Will Provide Health Care Services for You and Your Baby?

When you apply for AIM, you will choose a health plan available in your county. Then, when your AIM coverage starts, your health plan will manage your health care. The plan will let you know what doctors, midwives, medical groups, hospitals, and other providers you can use and what services are available. The plan will let you know how to get the services you need.

If you are enrolled in AIM, your baby automatically qualifies to be in the Healthy Families Program, unless your baby is enrolled in employer-sponsored insurance or no-cost Medi-Cal. Your baby will have the same health coverage and be in the same health plan as you if available with Healthy Families. Your baby will not be covered until Healthy Families receives the required information as explained here.

Your baby will remain enrolled in the same plan you had in AIM if available in with Healthy Families, unless you have other children already enrolled in the Healthy Families Program. If you have other children enrolled in the Healthy Families Program, the baby will be transferred to the other children’s plans on the third month after birth. Please call the Healthy Families Program if your baby has special health care needs, and you do not want the baby transferred to another plan. Your baby will stay enrolled in Healthy Families if, at the first Annual Eligibility Review, you meet the AIM Program’s income guidelines. To stay enrolled in Healthy Families, you must be within Healthy Families income guidelines at your baby’s second Annual Eligibility Review. Healthy Families has a lower income limit than AIM.

All plans in AIM and Healthy Families offer the same health coverage. Differences among plans are in the choices of providers and special services offered. To find out which doctors and hospitals work with a plan, call the plan directly. To find out the special services a plan offers, read the plan descriptions click here. Wellness classes or a telephone help line are examples of special services.

Many providers work with AIM and its health plans. You may be able to use the same doctor, hospital, or pharmacy that you use now. Call the health plans in your county to see if they work with a provider that you want.

Health Plans may download the Immediate Health Care Services Request.

Learn about health plans in your county